Old School Dirt Bike Video, Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club 1938

Old School dual Sport, Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club 1938.

Home movies from the past. This was in the days of ridged frames and before the invention of crash helmets.Here is one of the local motorcycle clubs here in my home town and is still in existence to day. Sorry picture quality kinda sucks, did not transfer well from 16mm film to VHS tape to DVD to internet.

Enjoy Mike


wow not much has changed

people eating and drinking beer

pickup trucks

a guy pushing his motorcycle to start it

retards ripping through camp kicking up dust

hill climbs that people cant make

people walking slowly in front of a fast moving bike

"that guy" getting stuck in the middle of a puddle

Lots of true grit here. Back in the day things were so simple. those guys doing what MC riders doing for 100 years now, getting together with your buddies,having fun,hunging out.

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