HELP! Steering stem on ds80

Ok we'll my steering stem was banging and loose so I took the top plate off, and the nut was finger tight and there is nothing to jam it tight (the nut that holds pressure on the balls). So I thought maybe there is a jam nut on the bottom, well damn all the balls fell out, I think I got them all with a magnate. My dad insisted I change the fork oil since the wheel and forks were out and I kept telling him its a mini bike and since there is balls every where on the floor I don't give a crap about the oil right now! Then he said I need to go to bed 10:30, so enough of that!! I need to know how much the forks, how many balls there are supposed to be and what jams that nut!! It's probably sorta the same on all these little bikes, it's a 99 Suzuki ds80 that runs mint but the front end is off of it now!! Please help!!

Ok I put it back together with a few balls missing, it seams fine will it be bad to have like 2-3 missing on bottom and 4-5 missing up top? I greased them up!! The forks seem squishy and I can bottom them out by hitting the front brakes, and there making swishing noises when I squish them!! I put ATF in there, I also put ATF in my xr100 and its been fine for 4 years

Help me :(

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