Titled frame damaged. Replace with untitled frame?

So I have a titled wr400 that got frame damage. I also have a good wr450 frame untitled though. Is it possible to use this frame on this bike and still register it? I'm in mass.

The damaged frame was not registered at the time of damage as it was just an off roader.

If it fits, I would think you should be fine as long as you keep at least the VIN off the original frame?

Engine and other parts wont fit the 450 frame.

Really? Besides sub frame mounting the main frame looks the same between the two of them? I know seat and tank stuff needs to be swapped also. But 400 motor doesn't fit in 450 frame?

Either way I have both complete bikes ready to go minus the 400 frame.

One is a complete 03 450f the other a 99 400.

Basically I really want the 03 450 which has off road title only to be road legal.

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