07 yz450f jetting question.

Bike runs great starts up first kick every time. When I'm riding it, at low rpm's it pops and cuts out a bit but when I open it up, its great. Bike has fmf power bomb header and fmf 4.1 pipe. Could anyone tell me what pilot and main jet and needle position I should be at approximately. I am at sea level-500 ft

I believe it has a 45 pilot and 70 main in it now

No way you have a 70 main, possible a 70 starter jet.

What main do you have? 160?

What needle and curent clip position?

Wow I don't know what I was thinking. It is a 165 main. And the needle is at stock setting. Whatever that might be.

Put in a fresh fuel screw (R&D remote screw) and adjust it per william's guide at the top of the forum

Put in a fresh pilot jet too, and check you slide plate seal.

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