How to clean fuel system?

I bought a 2010 CRF450 and then deployed for 9 months so it's had gas in it for 9-10 months. I know how to clean carbs but how would i go about taking the FI apart and cleaning it? And what would be the best way to clean the fuel lines/tank?

Dont do it. Take ur tank off and flush it and put it back on. At most change the fuel filter in the tank that is in the pump housing. But if i were u i wd replace the gas and clean tank. Throttle body shd be fine. Ive switched plenty TBs but wdnt think its necessary for that amount of time. Even ur fuel filter shd be fine although its good maintainance to change them bc of the clogging problems on the earlier fi bikes. Thanks for ur service!!

Gas now adays sucks. I've had gas in my street bike go bad after 2 months so i'm counting on it being bad. Ok i'll leave TB alone, what would i flush tank out with?

Gas. Best thing is to flush it a few times with abt 1/3 full. If u can take the tank off, much better. Watch the clip for electrical and the fuel line clip and make sure u dont break them.... Fill tank, close cap, shake, empty.... repeat and u r good to go!!

Some fuel stabilizer like gold eagle will help clean it out. I run some in every can of gas I buy now days. Cam.

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