-edit- What's a brand new 2012 250xc worth?

I'm considering treating myself, but I don't want to over pay. A brand new one would be sweet, but probably not in the cards right now...

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5 - 6k depending on hours, condition, and accessories.

Cool, it's 100% stock, but I think I overestimated the hours. It probably has less than 10. Hopefully I can talk him down a little, it's right at the top of my budget. If not I'll just live on top Ramen for a whille...

NADA lists the bike as average retail of $6855 and low retail of $5210. So, as twhit1 stated, it depends on wear, extras, etc.

I got my 2012 250xc in November for 5500. Probably a little more hrs on it, but mint condition. Being spring now bikes are a bit more in demand.

Awesome. The guy sold it out from under me... A mans word isn't worth a damn thing these days.

That or someone came in with a higher price than what you offered. Keep looking and you will find a bike you want. I had to go from Ky. to N.C. to get my 300.

Ok, so I just got off the phone with a dealer who quoted me $7k OTD on a leftover '12 250xc... They initially told me $7390 OTD was as low as they'd go, I told them I wouldn't pay more than $7k OTD. He told me he couldn't sell it to me that low, I gave him my number and told him to call me back if he wanted to sell it. an hour later he called back and said yes.

Should I do it?

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That's a great bike and a dirt bike is a bad investment in the first place buuut... (just had to get that out of the way) just keep in mind that it will be almost two years old when you roll it out the door, after you put about 10 hours on it it will be worth about $5500.00, not a big deal if you keep it for several years but if you only keep it for a year or two... Also the 14's will start rolling out in a few months which will also affect its value. I paid 7800 OTD 4 months ago for my 13.

7800 is a great price for a '13... I don't know how people are getting such great deals on bikes... All of the '13 250/300xc's I've called about are priced firm. I'd ask for their lowest OTD prices and they are all $8400+. He said there isn't any flexibility because they can't even keep them in stock at full retail.

did they change much in 13?

did they change much in 13?

As far as I can tell, the shrouds are a little different. Also, the KTM website says "revised clutch"...

I have a feeling that dealing with the 2012 clutch will be worth the savings over buying a 2013. :)

The 13 has the new style diaphram clutch. And the shock shaft received an updated part number.

I don't think the changes make any real differences to 99 percent of the riders out there, I'm quite happy with my 12.

a big part of it is timing, I made that deal when they had a showroom full of bikes and they wanted to make a few deals, now at the end of the season they probably only have a few bikes left and the new ones wont be coming in for a few months so they are less likely to make deals. The "updates" to the 13 probably won't make anyone a better rider, there just ktm's way of not being stale, also the 13's have the larger rear axle, and for what its worth I have already replaced the belleville spring with a stronger one because the clutch appeared to be slipping, but now it feels better.

12's had a 1K rebate at one time...they were $6250 around here NEW.

Alright, so a funny thing happened...

The dealer that I'm buying it from changed the online price. They had it advertised as $6500 when I called about it. They said $7300 OTD. Then I said I'd take it for $7k OTD and they accepted.

So now I look at the website, and they priced the bike at $5800. Is this a tactic they are using to get more sales so people will call, or what? Even after fees $5800 would probably be a better price.

My brother bought his 12 250xc for $6500 OTD at the end of last season after the 13's came out.

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