Replacement plastics question

I am looking to buy new white plastics for my 08 yz250f before I install my new graphics but was wondering since you can't seem to buy plastics straight from Yamaha if the aftermarket ones (UFO, Acerbis etc...) are close enough to stock that my graphics designed for the factory plastics will fit properly. Is there one aftermarket plastics company that is better than the rest? or is there anywhere to buy the stock Yamaha plastics?

Thank you for any help you can offer, has OEM parts at prices better than RM. They are not fast and ordering can be frustrating so if you have the luxury of time you can try them.

BTW, Yamaha plastics come from Japan. That is why sometimes they are not in stock or the lead time is weeks.

You can buy aftermarket plastics from acerbis, polisport, or UFO and they all will be great products and look just like OEM ones. You just have to make sure that they are made to OEM specs, which the vast majority are.

I would order the whole set from, they have good prices and really good shipping plus it's free shipping if the order is above $99.

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