S model front brake upgrade

I have two sets of wheels for my drz400s, one for dirt and one for commuting. I use the bike mainly for commuting. I'd love to have a set of 17" wheels mainly for the street tires and much improved braking.

I'm thinking that I could improve the braking on my current 18/21 wheel setup if I add a larger sm style rotor and a caliper relocation bracket to the front wheel.

Any suggestions on which rotor/relocation bracket to use?

Also interested in upgrading the front caliper and master cylinder. Are there any caliper/MC setups off of other bikes that would be good for the S model upgrade, or what would be a good reasonably priced new setup?

It'll be easier for me to upgrade to the 17" wheelset if I do it a bit at a time instead of laying out all the cash at once.

Thanks for any help or advice.

Include a braided steel line in your upgrade


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