1999 TRICK XR250R

:devil: Some nice LQQKING XR'S on here but here's the Trickest XR 250 on the Planet...No it's not for sale...



Brake Pads-EBC

Wheel Bearings-All Balls

Fork Springs-Eibach

Fork Seals-All Balls

Cables-Motion Pro



Air Filter-UNI

Oil Filter K & N


Disc Guard-MSR




Temp Stick-XR ONLY

Graphics-XR ONLY



Chain-EK 520 O-Ring


Nice bike, but nicest?

With stock forks? ;)

Not to be mean, but is this guy for real?

If i had to vote for the nicest looking XR, it would forum user: Kfngrn, and his xr400. Look at his post on the "calling all about xr400 electric starter conversion"

I love my bike, but nothing holds a candle to that guys xr400... It's plain sick and clean to boot. :lol:

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stock carb stock forks stock cc's. sorry but there are lots more trick than this.


That bike is trick!!! It's got some red painted parts, and cheap assed numbers from the hardware store stuck on it

stock carb stock forks stock cc's. sorry but there are lots more trick than this.


:thumbsup: Hahahaha

No skid plate, no shark fin....etc!! :thumbsdn::lame:

I only say :lame: because of the "TITLE".....with nothing to back it up.

sorry op I should not crap on another persons motorcycle. any motorcycle = all good. just that the title was too much.


My 250 is more "trick" than the op bike, and I dont consider it a trick bike at all! It is however a very good, and very good working bike

Not "trick" by any means, but still a nice bike.

Nice bike, and as long as you have fun with it (like us all and our XR's) THAT is what matters most!!

:thumbsup::ride: RIDE ON!!

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