Better Harescrambling Weapon

:ride: Thinking about gettin' a CRF250X...Your opinion as to what would be a better Harescrambling weapon.The XR250R or The CRF250X.(I'm 5'9''-150lb)

250X will work better, but will likely be more expensive to run over time.

XR is more than capable of running well in hare scrambles. Raced my 96 250 in a few, including a national.

If your just getting started it is more important to be prepared than what bike your on.

250X for harescrambles.

think it depends on how competitive you'd like to be and how much you like to work on your bike...

crf is a better weapon, but crf's are notorious for needing constant valve adjustments (if you can do this work, get the crf)

stock suspension is way better on the crf too.

if you are like me and just like to ride, get the xr (i have and recommend a 400, but if you are trying to get into the LWT class, then you need the 250) if i were going LWT i'd be looking at a 2t, even though i despise them...

XR you don't have to do any maintenance besides add/change oil and fuel...

you can modify suspension on XR's to be closer to newer bikes also (even put upside down forks on it if thats your thing)

the racing thing is mostly the rider, not the bike, although there is certainly something to be said for a well tuned machine... you can find video of my XR reeling in all those fancy bikes in desert races here on TT...

is this going to be your only bike or strictly a race bike??? you can get a XR with a PLATE!!! massive value IMO... i live where i ride, and thankful i never have to trailer my bike... i've even been riding to the races!!

as desert walker said -

Its about 20% bike and 80% rider.

This decision solely depends on your wreching skills, the depth of your pockets.

There is no doubt that you could be at the front of the races on an XR250 - seen it many times.

desrtwalker is spot on. One more thing I would add....really, if you don't know, then the XR250R is the bike for you. the 250X is really more of a race bike and if you were that in to racing and that good, you would know what you want. You might ask about a 250X or a 250EXC but when you are asking between 250X and XR250, you would probably like the XR250 the most.

Thanx for all of your input gents,actually I have 3 XR's...2 1999 XR250'S and a 1999 XR600 even my car is a 1999 (Camry)

What is it about 1999? LOL The $$$ of newer equipment....Good Points...yes very true about 80% Rider and 20% Bike...

I can do basic oil changes,Tires,bearings sprockets,Chains and even the Valves on a XR250 and air cooled bikes but not the (water-cooled machines with buckets and shims)

That said...,No I'm notta ''mechanic"..... I trail ride almost every weekend,and have been harescrambling for the last 2 seasons (50+)

I continue to get blown away at each event (mostly 2 strokes)....prolly just need more seat time.....LOL

Thanx to all for the feedback and Happy Trails...

now that i know you have 2 xr250's already i'd get the crf for exactly what you want it for... a race bike... you'll learn how to adjust the valves... not rocket science just a different process and yes air cooled means one less system to deal with, repair or fail, but whatever...

i'd make you bike...

a) plated basic xr250 trail bike

B) modded xr250 race bike

c) new crf or cr race bike

d) xr600 desert adventure bike with racks

sweet fleet... ride red!!

If you haven't had your suspension properly done for you on the XR, you should give that a try. It will make a world of difference in what you can do with the bike. I raced an XR250 in the Senior C class (40-49) back in Pennsylvania. After I had my suspension done with no other mods to the engine, I went from middle of the pack finisher to consistent top 10 (in a class of 30-45 riders), and occasionally top 5.

In the tight racing in the eastern half of the US, the XR250 is a capable mount at the lower or older classes. I switched to an XR400 when I moved back west because of the horsepower needed for the much more open racing and power loss at elevation in the mountains (and the fact that I'm between 255 and 260 with full gear on).

Just a few years ago right there in MIssissippi, Dwight Rudder was racing Super Senior A on a CRF230 that was modified and apparently did quite well on it, so you may want to just put a little into your 250's suspension and see what that does for you.

A couple of years ago I was running an AMA West National Hare Scramble on my XR400. I was running top 5 in Senior B when I came through an endurocross section. I heard someone yell, "Oh my god! Is he running an old XR! That's incredible!" I wish they could have seen the ear to ear grin under my helmet.

I have both bikes.

I did seven hare scrambles last year.

Three I did on a XR280 with WER suspension and four on a 250X

My better finishes were all on the XR.

I feel faster on the X, but I am smoother on the XR.

If I had to go to one bike, I would keep the XR.

Both are great bikes. You can't go wrong with either one.

A buddy of mine has a crf250x. I rode it once, and the whole time I was on it I was yelling "where's the beef!?" I thought it was a pretty gutless bike. My 87 XR has more.

A buddy of mine has a crf250x. I rode it once, and the whole time I was on it I was yelling "where's the beef!?" I thought it was a pretty gutless bike. My 87 XR has more.

The CRF is a whole different bike to ride. I have an XR400 and a CRF250X. The XR has grunt down low and power drops off once the revs get high.

When I first got the CRF, I rode it the same way as the XR down low in the rev range. After a couple trips up the tachometer with the CRF, I got the hang of it. The XR you ride betwen 1500 and 4000 RPM. The CRF you ride between 5000 and 10000 RPM.

When you get the revs up, the CRF feels like it has more power (not grunt) than the XR400.

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