13.5:1 2012 KX450

I’m doing my top end on my 2012 KX450. I got a 13.5:1 CP Piston through a barter deal. If I was buying it cash I would have chose a 12.5:1 and/or stock. My research indicates I’m on the edge of being able to run pump-gas. Anyone have experience with fuel / octane requirements for this set-up? I run the Green - Stock coupler plug 50% of the time, Black on sand tracks. I’m thinking of a 50/50 race gas blend when available, and keeping a bottle of non ethanol high quality octane booster in the truck for race gas less emergencies? Ideally I would like to run pump gas, but at Glen Helen, and other high horsepower track thinking I will need more??

It will detonate on straight pump sometimes - ESPECIALLY on the aggressive coupler. But you wont need much race fuel to prevent that, 1 gallon 110 to 4 gallons pump will be fine.

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