Central Florida?

I'm in Cocoa for the weekend for my brothers wedding. I haven't been home for years due to the military. Looking to ride some today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Track or trail, I just want to ride. I'm thinking about Bithlo and Pax. Willing to drive an hourish is any direction except east. Lol.

Anyone got any suggestions or wanna meet up and ride some?

I just dropped my rear wheel off to have it relaced but should be ready to go shortly.

My number is 910-650-1640. Text is best as I ignore unknown numbers.



Would do some trails with you if I hadnt pulled my swing arm last night. If I can find the bearings I need before the weekend is out, still might be on it. But if you havent been around awhile, there is a new (around a year and a half old now) MX track in Fellsmere called Mesa Park, they have a facebook. If your looking for something that's new to you.


Thanks. Think I'm gonna try Mesa tomorrow and Pax on Sunday.

Yeah, I am hitting some trails tomorrow at 5A (exit 231 off I-95) if you are interested in that. Got a buddy in from Ga. who has not ridden in forever, so we are going to see what trouble we can get into.

Cool. I know where that's at. I remember when there was a dairy Queen there lol, till it burned down.... what time are you guys going? I've got a wedding I gotta be at tomorrow so not sure I can make it but definitely will try. I went to Mesa Track on Sebastian today. Was a pretty nice track and I had it all to myself the whole day which was nice.

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