How I got the one finger clutch pull....for free

Hey everyone I have been gone away from this site for awhile so I have been tying to catch up on the latest info. I have seen a lot of posts on clutch pull, so to let you know the recent change that I did to my "01.......When I bought my bike last year the bar setup on my bike was handgrip, clutch, decomp lever (did not check the book so I do not know what the standard setup is) with a clutch pull that tired my arm out quick. I then went to the MSR Raptor, sure it made it significantly easier but I had to get the tools out every time to adjust it (hard to do while riding). Recently I put the decomp lever right next to the handgrip and then moved my stock clutch perch with stock lever as close to my crossbar as possible to allow me to fit two fingers on the clutch lever comfortably and extending the third out there to allow me to pull it into the handgrip completely. This location of the clutch lever allows me to use only one finger consistently without tiring and is by far the best setup that I have used on my bike. I have ridden four times with this setup and my clutch is working great no probs with engaging or disengaging or allowing me to shift gears. Just a little info that you could try before spending money of the MSR Raptor or the RST.

I agree with you, Well, almost. The only problem with that, is the lever curves out away from the grip at the end. It makes people, like me, with short fingers really reach for the lever. You can bend the lever, but that is not to trick. Just my thought. Chris

I also tried (well it was by mistake) to move the clutch perch to the right of the decompression lever. The problem I had was if the bars were cranked all the way to the left the bike would stall. The decom. cable was too short for this config. I tried to adjust the cable itself but could not get enough play. I didn't try to re-route the cable and just went back to stock. Grip-Clutch Perch-Decompression Lever.


I moved my decompression lever over to my throttle side. It makes it easier to start if I kill it during a race(which I've done twice this year and went from front to last place before getting it started back). This gives me more adjustment to move my clutch lever.

:) *****CAUTION*****CAUTION*****CAUTION***!!

That is the exact reason I got my 99 when it was 2wks old for $5.2k tax free when new was 5899.


The guy I bought it from claimed he was selling it to get a house and he had only ridden it once or twice.

He had obviously crashed because the bars were replace w/FLY.

When I test rode the bike, I kept trying to take off to the "right".......The bike would continually stall when attempting to take off.

So finally I just gave tons of throttle and actually spun the tire on pavement in front of him to leave!

I gave him the 52bones and loaded up just thinking it was just cold blooded.

I raced three weeks later and immediately had problems at the first Hare n Hound for the bike.

I was stuck facing left on a hill and killed the bike. Trying to get going I kept trying to go right and it would die. All through the race turning to the right killed the bike at low rpm's.

I thought I just had a elect. prob.

When I got home i pulled the #plate off and started the bike on the stand. I move the bars the right.....die!


The very first thing I noticed was the decompr. cable was hanging on the frame and pulling out of the motor as i turned to the right! :D

The guy had probly thought something was majorly WRONG with the motor on the bike is my guess!

Oh well saved me a "G"

Just make sure you cable is not pulling out of the bracket on the right side of the motor or it may result in valve damage! :D

Just some friendly advice! :D

[ November 21, 2001: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

I re-routed my cable through the bracket on the right side of the frame to make sure it wasn't too tight. I tried to just move the lever itself at first, but when I would turn the bars to the right it was too much tension on the cable.

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