Auxilary gas tank?

I am planning to change WR426 to the YZ tank & seat. If the stock YZ tank could make it 50 miles in eastern conditions, that would be good for me. How about using the stock coolant overflow tank for a back up fuel tank? I know Acerbis makes one, but I would only need it a few times a year when I go to VW or TN. Then I don't have to deal with any of the mounting problems of aftermarket tanks all year for something I only need a couple times. I don't even care if I have to unbolt the thing to pour the gas into the tank if I need it. Do the YZ's have a higher pressure cap? Any comments?


I have always wanted to fill my swing arm with fuel! I know it sounds far fetched, but I bet a guy could get the better part of a gallon in it and what better place to put the weight? I know people plumb coolant to the frame on some bikes.

I have a YZ tank if you want it make me an offer, it's a little scratched up.I ride woods mostly, as far back as I can go. I have a big Acerbis tank and love it. I'll tap my swing arm if I ever ge the time.

By the way, I grew up in Kettering, Went to Fairmont East. We rode all through the area that is now I-675 between Beavercreek and Centerville. :)


I don't know how your would get the fuel out of the swingarm unless you had a fuel pump. Cool your from this area. There are a few stock YZ tanks on ebay I am watching, let me get back to you on the tank unless you have a price in mind. Anyone know how may miles a stock YZ tank (2.1 gal) will go in eastern woods conditions? I got 45 miles on the XR400 before reserve which was using 2 gal. I rarely need more than that.

I've had the same idea, cant provide any technical feedback, but will probably try and do the same thing soon.

Acerbis used to make a fuel tank that replaced the left side numberplate. It held held a little over a gallon.

bumtanks, these are tanks that fit on the rear gaurd just behind the seat, generally up to 5 litres (approx1.5 gallons)they tee into the fuel line and can be fitted and removed easily.

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