DR350 CDI Ignitech ignition

Sharing the latest incase anyone else finds themself needing a CDI but cannot find one, doesn't trust a used, or can't wait the time it sometimes takes for overseas ebay orders.

I needed a new CDI as the previous owner had fitted one from a 1980s honda superdream 250, which resulted in awful perfomance & reliability. Before finding out that some DR350s have single pickup coils and some have two pickups I ordered the only CDI in the UK, which turned out to be the wrong one. After much googling I read about a Czech company called Ignitech who make various CDI units and also make programmable ones with a few useful features to suit any bike. I thought it might take a while to reach the UK but ordered one anyway figuring brand new would be safest bet.

Total price inc vat, shipping 168 Euros, which is £143 - It arrived from Czech in under 24hrs to the UK so actually quicker than many UK ebay buys.

The kit comes complete with software & manual on CD, and a nice little bonus is that it comes with terminated connectors on the CDI, and blank connectors + crimp on ends for your bike so you can alter the wiring if you want to use features such as 2 curves, tacho output etc. I was glad of the connectors as the PO butchered my wiring harness to connect the wrong CDI, now I have original fitting plug n play connections.

Really easy to program and connect, I set it to CKPS polarity: Self search, Base advance : 5 degrees. Advance at 4300 : 30 degrees, all the way to rev limit. Input 1 was wired to my ignition switch and kill switch, input 2 disabled. My bike is a kick start. It started fine and performs great. I'm sure anyone into gaining some extra HP could tweek it a bit but I went for stock timing. The main thing is it cured all the problems I'd had.

The software can also be used whilst the engine is running is you have a laptop or very long com cable, it has a few useful diagnostic tools and gives live readings of battery voltage, RPM, advance, input status, and you can make adjustments whilst it is running to smooth out idle timing.

If I have any problems I will update this thread but on first impressions I'd say it's well worth considering. This thread is just for re-assuring anyone thinking about it that it can be done easily and quickly and the price isn't bad.

Only one update to add. The ignitech has a couple of inputs for kill switch / ignition etc but you still need to make sure that the positive supply is cut when the ignition key is out otherwise the capacitor charging circuit runs all the time which will drain the battery eventually, even with the kill switch of and engine stopped. Only pulls about 0.15A in standby though. No problems so far though.

Interesting stuff JamieB - thanks for sharing with us.

i just spent $153 on a used one from ebay, I wish I had read this first. Ill never by a used one again

i just spent $153 on a used one from ebay, I wish I had read this first. Ill never by a used one again

There is a possible down side to the CDI I have though, mine is totally dependent on a functioning battery, stator and regulator / rectifier where as the original only needs a working source & pickup coil.

Had a trouble free 200 mile trip yesterday though

And that down side has just caught me out this morning. I left the daft switch (courtesy of PO) switched on which powers the trip computer and lcd backlight. As a result I now have a flat battery. I though maybe with a few kicks and all accessories turned off I might just have enough juice to start it. DO NOT try this! at very low power levels the ignitech will still spark, but it will start half way through kicking, give a dam good kickback. Off to town now on the bacon and egg butty powered bike to pick up a charger...

In all fairness though, ignitech do warn of the fact their unit is battery dependent - so it just means that like most bikes these days you just need to take care of the battery and it'll be fine..

the cdi was good, it was a bad pulse sensor(pick-up coil), bad ground, and a bad resistor cap. I had also mounted the 2 pulse sensors in the wrong order,( corrected after a pic was sent to me in another post). my dr350 is once again a 1-2 kick starting bike when cold, a half a kick warm. thanks to all for ur help.

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Hi Jamie

I'm assuming that the client currently on eBay is yours? I'm collecting a non running 91

dr350 kicker tomorrow, apparently with no spark. I'll run the checks and go from there but I may need a cdi

I notice that ignitech offer a non programmable cdi. Would this work or is the programmable version required?

Don't automatically assume its the CDI. They can fail of course but I've had 7 DR350s and haven't seen a single failed CDI. More often than not ignition problems on these bikes is related to wiring or the spark cap/ lead.

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