Radiator shrouds for the BRP?

I need a new radiator shroud. I ripped mine on a dismount and the rip keeps getting bigger. Seems everything wants to get stuck there. I used super glue and baking soda to weld it but, it cracked on the last ride. It was real cold when I tried it; does that not work? I don't know if I did it right....super glue then baking soda...just made a hard shell over the crack. I have gone black on the front and back fenders and would like to buy black shrouds. After market? Other wise I'll have to buy them at service honda and paint them with fusion paint. I changed out my gold Pro Tapers to black Ricky Carmicheal bend Renthal Fatty Bars (almost as high as the desert bars and Jimmy Button bend but, without the big sweep back). Red Fusion paint on the now pink Acerbis pro hand guards and Red and black FX seat cover.

You can also try to drill holes in it and stitch it with small zipties on every two adjacent holes. Not the most cosmetically pretty repair but usually strong. That is of course, if it is in an area that can be repaired this way. Otherwise, aftermarket is your only hope. Even if you cant find the color you want, you are still better off buying aftermarket red ones and painting them versus buying the OEM ones $$$.


Where did you find the black rear fender?

Ace hardwear sells Plastic Fusion paint for $5 a can. Works quite well dries in fiftenn minutes, can handle in one hour, takes seven days to fully cure. Does not crack or peal but, if you scratch through you'll see the color under it. I have black Acerbis front fender with Black fender brace. Black SuperBrace fork brace. Black Acerbis front rotor cover and fork guards and boots. Black rear fender (painted) black radiator shrouds (painted). Black Renthal RC Fatty bars; with red and black pro grips, Red (turned pink so, I painted them red) Acerbis pro hand guards, Black Acerbis head light with 65/55w blue star light. Black and red FX seat cover and red Clark 4.3 tank. I have heard that the XR600 rear fender works if you drill holes in it. But, haven't seen it done yet.

I made a nice pair from metal closet shelf purchased at Home Depot. The spacing was almost perfect. These fit between the radiators and the white plastic air channels - just zip-tied 'em on.

They give good protection, for a cost of like ten bucks tops.

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