WR426 front axle nut size & threading direction?

Can somebody help me out with the front axle nut size and threading direction on an 01 WR 426 please? I am trying to remove my front wheel to change my tire, and I'm stuck!

While we are at it, what size is the rear axle nut too.


PJ, The front axle nut size is 22mm, and you would turn it counter-clockwise to loosen. Going from memory, I believe the rear axle nut size is 27mm, but this is going from memory. It too is counter-clockwise to loosen. Hope this helps. By the way, you might want to loosen the two bolts near the front axle nut before trying to loosen the nut. They might be holding you up. Good luck. Maniac :)

Thanks Maniac! I couldn't get the nut to budge with an adjustable wrench, so I was thinking it might be reverse threaded or something.

If anyone can confirm that rear axle nut size, I'd like to get to Sears tonight to get sockets for both.

Good memory. 27mm it is!

Got them both off; thanks guys!

Does anyone have any suggestions for a stripped, cut off (flush now with lots of ground metal) front axle bolt that still won't give? Nothing is working from grinding, drilling......right now the back of the bolt is still flush (and welded) to the axle. I thought the back of the bolt would be flat and drilling would remove the nut then I could get at the rim of the nut..nope! still dealing with a good amount of metal and I don't want to ruin the bottom of the fork piece..anyone got a good picture of the set up so I can see what I am dealing with...or any suggestions? All this to change a tire... 2002 yz250f

Go to your local hardware or automotive store and get a can of this: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/rodi/16blpeca.html

Believe it or not, the stuff actually works most of the time.

If that doesn't work, I have no idea...

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