2013 WR450R green horn.

Hello all!

Well I pick up my ". thumper" tomorrow afternoon, I've been reading up on Mods to throw into and on it

Ecu, exhaust restrictions, grey wire, and air box. Any other tips you wall have for me? Best oil? Coolant?better than recommend break in period and methods? I do not race (yet maybe hare scrambles eventually)

Any tips would be wonderful, looking very forward to my new toy, and acclimating myself to its systems.

i understand 12 and 13s are the same. with FI bike no grey wire mod, just ecu, pull exhaust restrictor or slip on, remove throttle stop, remover air box snorkel quick and easy, I alos added a riser and love it

bump up to a programer, cam and full exhaust

i just got mine the other day. first thing i would do it ride it stock break it in. the fmf pipe is on national back order. there are limited exhaust options at this point. i will be using motul double ester i have used it in all my bikes. it is how ever not cheap. look over some of my post because i ask many of the same queztions. wait untill u ride its so stable. but sreering is a bit loose for me. will be add a gpr to help that.

I have a 12.Full FMF exhaust ordered for a 2009 YZF 450.Fits like a glove

And I run Amsoil.In the bikes. In the truck. In the trucks differentials in the transfer case in the power steering pump and sometimes in the fuel tank

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