Help finding graphics for white 2012 yz 450

Cant find cool graphics for a white 2012 yz 450. Lots of graphics out there for blue bikes but not much for a white bike. Need some ideas. yx

Check out Yamahas site. I picked up a set of GYTR graphics for my white 12. Clean looking, not gaudy or overpriced. Got them a while back so you'd have to look. Lots for the blue bikes out there but not much for the whites I know.

I bought a gytr (one industries) for my white 2011. Looks great, price was great from Motosport but it turned that I got junk...

Just removing the back paper from the pieces I could feel the adhesive was weak,

And for the first time in 15 years of applying graphics, this one did not stick well. Edges start peeling after two rides.

The kit was on sale, I contacted Motosport, with pics of some of my previous graphics install and got some non sense response

I'm done with Motosport, being a long time customer.

I imagine I got a kit from a bad batch as I've used One industries in the past with no problem

I just ordered this, as I was very pleased with what they did for my 2010 UFO restyled YZ250

Price is really competitive and quality on par with other brands


Check out MGX graphics. They are running a special on full custom graphics kit. It takes a while to get but worth it for the price.

Senge graphics on eBay! Full kit plus name & # backgrounds for 150$ plus Steve always throws in couple extra mini plates.

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