09 YZ450F Accelerator Pump Adj Screw?

I just bought this bike a few weeks ago and i just dialed in all of my jets and i have a some bog in quick acceleration and i want to check my AP timing and i see that everyone talks about the AP adjustment screw and even in my manual they show how to check it. BUT for the life of me, i dont see / cant find my adj screw. I attached some pics hoping someone can help this blind bastard locate this screw.

P.S- this is a Keihin Carb if that matters at all


aft looking forward.jpg

Right side of Carb2.jpg

Rt Side of Carb.jpg

If this is an '09, why is the frame next to the chain steel?

I dont know, I bought it off craigslist, this is my first Yamaha and I was told it was an 09, i wouldnt know how to tell if it was or not, nor would i have second guessed it either really??? And when you say frame next to chain steel, i have no idea what you are talking about, but you now have me wondering what the heck is going on????

So i guess i have two questions,

1. How can i tell what year this bike is?

2. Where is my AP adj screw? Or do i not have one?

Look at the VIN number. What is the tenth character?

Post a picture of the bike?

I am sorry, i dont know what i was thinking. This bike is an 03', i dont know why i was thinking an 09'. I will go and try to search "the correct" threads now for my bog issue. Sorry for wasting your time.

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