Is anyone still.................

Waiting on there 04 WR? It's like Yamaha Doesn't want the WR to sell well. They only allocate one bike per shop in my area. Then they take so long to deliver them if I wasn't a die-hard WR fan I would think about another bike. I had a good deal worked out with a small dealer but he was not allocated any WR450's after selling 3 of them in 03. He tried to swap with another dealer a WR250 for a WR450 with no luck so I had to buy from a dealer that had screwed me over once in the past. Just my 2 cents as I wait for my salesman to call me after he told me in September that my bike would be here in October. :)

Yep, I'm still waiting....


Yeah, waiting.........

I was asking the same Q's a few weeks ago. I have mine now and have seen more on dealership floors. I would call around and try find one at another dealership.

Picked mine up Tuesday night, and only waited 4 days for the dealer to get it in when I ordered it... :)

I ordered my '03 WR450 thru Honda East in Ohio and had no problem at all. :)

Man, Motorcycle-Brokers told me $6,100.00 plus $200 to ship when I called them in Sept.

Lake hill motors. $5499 otd.

Where is Lake Hill motors? :)

Maybe the one in Corinth, MS. They usually have great prices.

Still waiting, I guess I have been bad and Santa is punishing me. :)

Man, Motorcycle-Brokers told me $6,100.00 plus $200 to ship when I called them in Sept.

Yeah, I got a quote from them of $100 under MSRP plus shipping. I said nothing, just deleted the email. If I wanted to spend that much, I'd go to the dealer, get a new one and have the US warranty. Ended up getting used WR. I think if you buy out of Canada, being a US citizen, you'll get no warranty and you'll get zilch from the factroy if you race it. Even if your not pro, you get some factroy money, but none if its a Canadian bought in the US.

After pressing my sales guy with information I got from other dealers he admitted that they did not put in for the first round of 04's that they had it on there "wish list". Now I have about 4 other dealers looking for a bike but some of them have already received and sold their first round bikes in October. I might end up with a Canadian Bike after all. Does anyone know of a 04 WR450F within about 4 hours Hampton Roads Va.?

My '04 WR450F arrived home two days ago. My local dealer said buy it if you can find it elsewhere, with no hard feelings. A fellow member directed me to Abernathy's in Union City, TN.

They will not ship but the otd price was $5,650. I think they only had the one in stock.

I'd have to say it's only slightly better than theTTR :)


A dealer about 4 hours from my house found one for me so sometime after the 1st I will be picking it up. :)

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