I’m compiling a jetting chart! Please contribute!

Hello All,

I was browsing some files on the XR650R yahoo group and someone had compiled a survey of about 10-15 bikes at various locations with different jetting. This seemed helpful if someone was looking for a baseline to start or was going to a different place to ride and wanted to set the jetting before. But it was limited in number of bikes and variety so I thought I’d put together a site where we all can put in our own settings that work well and I will compile it and post the results. I’ll separate them by bike and make a list so someone can quickly look and see what jetting would be needed for a particular alt, mod, temp etc….. Please pass this on to anyone that can add to it and enter every setting you know that works. The more we get the better the results!

There is one catch, the survey will save all results together in a single file that is mixed and not organized so it won’t show you results immediately afterwards but I’ll try to post it as soon as I start to get some! Here is the site. www.apex-technologies.com/Survey

Thank you for your time.


It's hard to get something like this going, but do press on :) I like the web page you've done and perhaps this motivate more people to submit their info. I tried and tried to do this a while back and didn't get much response and what you see in that spreadsheet in the Yahoo group was all I could muster up from everyone way back then, but I'm hoping you'll have better luck.

With all these jetting questions coming up again over the last few days, I started putting together a table so that people can reference it to determine a good starting point for their jetting based on the altitude & temperatures they're riding in along with a few other variables. I've got a bit more work to do on it, but I'll be getting it put up in the next week hopefully.

Yea, last night when I posted this on all the forums I got a good start but since I'm collecting from various bikes the info for a particular bikes is very low. I'm affriad that as people post, mine will get pushed down so people that aren't on as regular would never see it b/c it doesn't take long to get a handful of new post each day.

Oh well, over the weekend I'll organize what I have and show the results so it'll give me a chance to bring my post to the top again posting the results page. Also I hope people will see how little response I have and will contribute.



Ask and admin or moderator if you can make this thread "sticky" and have it up for a while.

Are you getting many replies?

I just updated the excel spread sheet for as of Sat 6th 12:00 et. I'll convert it to a more web friendly sheet this evening. and I'm going to start making charts with the little data I have. Thanks for asking thought


Wow! It's turning out to be larger by the day. Nice work :)

Yes Slowly but surely!

Thanks for keep posting on this b/c it keeps bringing it to the top! I pm'd the administrator about making a "sticky" post and I think he is thinking about it. since he pm'd me making sure I wasn't going to charge for the info which i'm NOT, its ALL FREE and if you want any of the data I have I can email it to anyone!

Thanks Ya'll


Eric just posted my jetting chart on his legendary "Pig Pen" web site :). Hopefully it will help some people out :D. Simply pick your altitude and temperature to find my jet size recommendation to start with. It should be fairly close for most setups, but there will always be exceptions.


That is really cool! That is exactly what I was looking at compiling! That is much easier to read!

Since most of what my input has been was from XR650R riders I am thinking about suspending my survey and leave the data to date available for a while for any other bikes that may want it but there wasn't enough to get a good idea or make as thorough a chart for any other bike like you have made for the XR650R! Good job!

Thanks everyone for all the input ya'll have put in!


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