2012 WR450 hanguard woes

Just picked up my first yamaha.Been a Honda man my whole life but wanted to try something new.Really like the looks of the wr450.Much more updated then the honda 450x.Got a GYTR FMF Q 4 pipe coming and the comp ecu. Had some Powermad haguards in the shop from an old bike that I wanted to put on. Don't fit, no room.Anybody had any success with other brands of handguards? I'm a woods rider,eventually will be putting on Cycra Probend full wraps on.Just looking for something temporary,unless they work good

I put these BarkBuster JET handguards on my WR last weekend. Excellent product. They are a new model and I am happy with them so far.




Thanks for the info.Will look them up

I put Cycra ProBends with the triple clamp mount on mine, they're super strong and bolt right up. I cut my bars down 1" and still had no problem mounting them. The styles that clamp on the bars don't work very well with Pro Tapers/Fat Bars as the clamp is right on the tapered part... not so good.

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