I’m compiling a jetting chart! Please contribute!

Hello All,

I was browsing some files on the XR650R yahoo group and someone had compiled a survey of about 10-15 bikes at various locations with different jetting. This seemed helpful if someone was looking for a baseline to start or was going to a different place to ride and wanted to set the jetting before. But it was limited in number of bikes and variety so I thought I’d put together a site where we all can put in our own settings that work well and I will compile it and post the results. I’ll separate them by bike and make a list so someone can quickly look and see what jetting would be needed for a particular alt, mod, temp etc….. Please pass this on to anyone that can add to it and enter every setting you know that works. The more we get the better the results!

There is one catch, the survey will save all results together in a single file that is mixed and not organized so it won’t show you results immediately afterwards but I’ll try to post it as soon as I start to get some! Here is the site. www.apex-technologies.com/Survey

Thank you for your time.


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