Blue or Gold Rims... Vote please!

I'd use the money for the rims to get the suspension dialed........Gold!!!


What Ernie said............except Black :)


Sorry Boit, didn't mean to make you cry.


When I purchased my 94 YZ 250 about 3 years back, it had purple plastic and red rims. You want to talk about ugly !!! I have since had the entire engine re-built and put all new black and white plastic on the bike, but those red rims are still hideous, check it out:


As long as I have owned this bike I would kill just to get chrome rims for it. My 426 on the other hand as chrome rims and I think nothing looks better on any bike with any graphics combination. If I were forced to give up chrome rims I would say Gold, but like the phrase goes; "They can have my chrome rims when they pry my cold dead hands from them".

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BLACK Are you planning to lace the spokes yourself? I may be wrong, but I think thats a LOT harder than one might think. I tried it on a mountian bike and had a hell of a time geting it true! :)

mxchamps: It appears to me that YOU are the one crying about a thread asking opinions concerning rim color choices. If you don't give a ****, why bother with a post?

Newbie here, and here's another Opinion, Gold's good on a standard bike, and black looks really trick on a trick bike and cheap on a stocker.

what about the hubs >?


And I'm with Boit. There are other dirt bike forums where whining about someones questions are the norm.


I'm with Holeshot. My silver rims are excellent for practising and they do well on the starts, but they always get passed by everyone after the first corner. Can anyone reccomend a good color for faster lap times or possibly more trophies?



Hey boit ,

You have posted some great info on here and never heard you whine or CRY!

Keep postin' bro.!

Ignore ignore Ignore! :D

<font color="navy">What the hell is a two stroke doing on this board!!!!? That's disgusting! :)

And I agree. Why post if ya don't care.

I still would go with the <font color="gold">GOLD<font color="navy"> rims on the blue 426!

This just came into my mind... black rims would look totally sweet with the yellow hurricane plastic kit! Hell, gold would look spiffy too!

Good luck in your decision. I think votes are about equal. :D

BLACK!!! But only second to the stock silver! Blue and Gold belong in the trash IMHO.

Black rims with gold hubs and gold sprockets.



Gold rims and talon gold hubs look prety nice...I wouldn't bother with them unless you're planning on lacing up a new set of wheels. I have two sets--one for hardpack, one for mud. The ability to change type of tires and sprockets in about 5 minutes is pretty nice...

You could probably get your existing rims re-anodized too.

Let me know if you want a pic of gold rims and gold hubs...

As many bikes as I have had over the years I always wanted a set of Excel Rims. Now when I bought my kick-a#$ 426 it comes stock with them.

Nothing looks better than a set of polished silver Excels on a bike....Silver!!!! What's wrong with the ones that came on it stock....Spend the money on something else for the bike!!! :)

I agree with Odie, Black rims with gold sprockets and Hubs. By the way how many of you guys are running 20" fronts? I still have mine, I notice Ty Davis still runs one too.


My son has a TL125 Yamaha (same blue scheme as my YZ426), and it came with Gold rims. Looks really good.

Black, they're manly!

Gold, they're flashy!

Blue & purple, they're what a homo would run! (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Red, they're for free-riders!

Silver, they're stealthy!

These results were derived from a thorough scientific survey of 1.2 million moto mad men from around the world. Try and dispute that!


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