rebuilt 426 - wont start, please help

I got my WR426 rebuilt last year after I stripped the crank threads while torquing the flywheel back on. It was redone with Hotcams by an engine builder, and I have finally got the bike back together after converting it to a street legal supermoto, and I cant get the thing to start. It has spark and fuel so Im thinking the timing is off.

If someone can tell me how the marks should line up, or how many pins should be between the marks with hotcams (and Im running YZ timing, "grey wire mod"), Id really appreciate it. I dont know if it was rebuilt with the YZ or WR timing, so Im gonna check it now (WR is 1 tooth retarded I believe?). The hotcams are the auto-decomp as well if that has any effect.

Please help!

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