Auto clutches???

What does everybody think of these auto clutches??? I am looking into the EFM one it sounds good, but I have never talked with anybody who has one :D I think it would be great for my riding in tight steep tralis for when I wipe out at least it wouldnt stall and the guy from EFM said you still have engine braking also. Please let me know what you guys think good or bad :)

Thanks, Dallas

Just put a Rekluse Z-Start in my 03 mod I've done to any bike I've owned! Took a very short time to get it adjusted for my preferences and I feel lots faster with it.

Definitely worth the $$$! :)

After searching the net on info about auto clutches I settled on a z-start for my 03 WR450F. I haven't had the time to get it installed yet but hope to have a chance to get a test ride in before Christmas. May have to wait until the spring though since the snow is already starting to fly :)

icerider, you might perform a search in the yamaha forums and the honda crf450 forum for auto clutches, going back one year. There are a lot of posts/info here about them.

It's an easy install, I took ~2 1/2 hrs start to finish one night after work(I get off at 11:30 pm)....that's from rolling it thru the door into the living room :)(no garage) to bolting the seat back on. You need the tank off to remove the cable. Don't forget the Loctite 243(oil resistant, a big difference in strength according to the online data sheet) and make sure you have the spacer if you don't use their cover...DAMHIKIJKOK

The instructions are pretty good, make sure you have 2 feeler gauges for set-up. :D

allright, I'm gonna save you a little legwork. Here's two threads you should check out for starters;

and as I said, do a search for auto clutches in the yamaha forums, and the honda crf 450 forums, going back a year; you should be able to find plenty of info. Good luck.

Thanks everybody!!! Also Renegade I found your links that you had on another page and buy reading them I already made up my mind on getting a z-start :) I just wanted to ask you if ya think the extra adjustment cable thing is worth getting :D I mostly ride in the same terrain all the time and probably wouldnt change it very much so i dont know if its worth it or not??? Or do you realy change it up every so often?? Thanks :D

I didn't get the adjustable perch dealy-bob and don't miss it so far...the only time I can see making a change is if I decide to Moto-X her, and I have my 90YZ250 for that...and based on my current experience with it, I'd only change from the light spring to the heavy one. An external change and easily done. :)

i've got a revloc on my 380. i bought the bike used and the previous owner installed it, so i have no idea how easy or difficult that was.

i like it quite a lot. the only thing i reccomend is to skip the rear hand break kit and leave the manual clutch (which will still work) in place. even on my big bad 380 there are times i wish to pop an emergency wheelie and it's quite difficult without the benefit of the clutch.


Sorry Jack I already ordered my Z-start :)

Do not be sorry!! The Z-Start is the best and you cannot beat AL's number one customer service. I had the 1st production z-start for the yz450f and worked with AL all year as there were some issues but when he came out with his generation 3 model which I now have he upgraded me for free!! How is that for customer service!! And let me also tell you that this thing totally rocks! SMOOOTH action! You will be all smiles I guarantee it!!! :)

So what's the difference in the Gen3?

So what's the difference in the Gen3?

I recently upgraded to the Gen-3 a couple weeks ago. The significant changes are: the design goes from using [36] 5/16 diameter balls to 30 [3/8] diameter balls. In the past set-up from one bike model to another varied; each required a specific amount of mass to operate nominally. That meant adding or not adding a specific number of tungsten/carbide balls to the mix. The weight/mass of the T/C balls is nearly twice that of the regular steel balls. The ball ramps in the new pressure plate have been redesigned in a way where creep at idle is essentially non-existent now, and the ramps accomodate the new mass very well. What that means in performance is that the clutch engages smoother and is more user friendly. What that means to the manufacturing process is that rekluse has hit upon a design that can be mass produced for ALL bike models, with no dicking around with individual "packages" for each bike. The pressure plate also no longer has a friction disc riveted to it. What that meant before is when that friction material wore off the plate, it warrented returning to rekluse for replacement. That is no longer necessary.

The set up procedure has also changed; rekluse provides steel drive discs that are thinner than stock, and they are used to achieve proper stack height.

Thanks, that means I got the Gen 3 for my WR450....and it was VERY easy to install. I've got ~100 miles on mine and I LOVE it :):D

Icerider. I have had a Revloc auto-clutch on my WR450 for a couple thousand miles on the worst trails Colorado and Utah has to offer. Your right about the no-stall, and engine braking. But the only downside I have seen is the sudden (or now expected) low RPM clutch release. Like on the off-camber side of steep Utah Slickrock in which your un-stalled bike is (at an instant in your mind) suddenly freewheeling off the bookshelf cliff. That's the moment I wished I could grab a handfull my old WR426 decompression lever with a stock clutch to "jake" brake slowly down that foramtion on the balls of my tippy-toes. However, going up the same is where the Revloc shines. :)

Highplains, I am sure its going to take me awhile to get used to this :D I have been riding for about 30 yrs with a clutch and I think its going to be hard to break myself from grabbing with my left hand, old motocrosser, always had 1 or 2 fingers on that baby at all times :D I just wanted it for the falling down, nothing sucks more than trying to start those damn things on a steep tight hill :D I have fallen sideways and about broke my ankle a few times, this is were its going to shine for me all the rest is just teaching an old dog new tricks :)

Ice rider. Roger, roger that. I took off the rear brake pedal/piston/reservoir and installed a hydraulic clutch assembly from a Yamaha street bike and steel-braided a line back to the rear brake. Now what used to be my clutch is now the rear brake. I then installed a decompression lever off an XR600 mated to the hot start lever and that is now my clutch handle. I can now speed shift with my index finger and move that to the rear brake on those slow technical downhills. Sweet. :)

Highplains, that does sound sweet :D I might have to try that!!! I just got my z-start yesterday havent even looked at it, but might get the time to put it on this weekend :D Supposed to be 40deg out so I wont freeze to much if I go for a spin :)

Icerider. That's the spirit. If the tempature doesn't start with the number 3, 2 or 1, I'm good to go too. It must be a nice feeling, having a Winter project in the box. Just waiting for the skilled wrench to install. :)

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