Auto clutches???

the temps around here all have a minus sign in front of them so I went skiing instead of mounting up the new z-start. Skiing was pretty good too and I didn't get dirty when I crashed for a change :)

Willy. You inspire my Norwegian roots. How could I forget the feeling of an icy downhill on an eight-man tobagan ? Still, I have hung up the Atomic 207 GPs, at least for a couple of times each Winter in CO. Now I crave a phat WR450 midrange coming on in 3rd gear in sandy CO creek bed. I need help !!! Is this permanent ? Will I ever ski again ? :)

Not too warm here, but not too cold either. :)


Yesterday we had a high of 36 with our normal 10-15mph wind, but I did have a chance to ride a bike I just bought for my wife, a 1978 Yamaha DT125 WOW if you dont think bikes have come a long way just ride one of these compared to oue WR's :D I cant beleive this is what i used to ride when I was back in school, its a perfect bike and it was fun to get out and ride but I think I will stick with my WR instead :)

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