08 rmz 250 dies when turning left

I just got my 08 Rmz 250 last week and i ride mostly woods so i am often turning left. But every time i turn left i either have to rev the piss out of it or just let it die. At first i was not sure what was going on because when i turned right it was fine. I put it up on the stand, started it, and then turned right, fine, straight, fine again, and then turned left, died. I disconnected the kill switch and that wasn't it. I dont know if anyone has this problem. If anyone could help that would be great.

Instantly dies or sputters and dies?

Check for pinched or tight throttle cables, my thought is that there is enough slack when going right but when left it pulls tight and cuts out and dies

Check your kill switch button wires are not rubbing

Or you kill switch connector is buggered inside

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