Please Help!

I have a 2010 Polaris sportsman mint condition only 538 miles on it. I have talked to a guy on Craigslist. Inquired about his 2009 KX250F he has for sale for $3,300. I'm in the proccess of negotiating a trade plus the guy giving me an amount of money on top of the trade. He is not in the market for a ATV but is willing to hear me out and trade if its an exceptional trade. Tell me my fellow Thumpertalk brothers and sisters. What $ value would you ask on top of the trade for the dirtbike I'm trying to negotiate for. Keep In mind my atv has hand and thumb warmer front bumper accessory and front rack rail and is MINT.

So either I make my own craigs list post for my unique situation. Or negotiate a money value on top of the trade.


Go to NADA's website and you can find values for both machines. Use NADA's numbers as a starting point for your negotion. Forget Kelly Blue Book (KBB), their data sucks. NADA's data is the most accurate for determining the value of a used machine.

Because its all monstered up


Ask about hours, oil, oil filter, filter changes no cleanings. Ask him last time it's valve clearance was checked. All the questions in the world. Depending on how much money he gives you I would think the 4w would be worth more. Not everyone goes by NADA or KBB because they think there bike/quad is worth the number they added up in there head. I would be sure to ask those questions and if he can't give you detailed answers I would pass.

Where I'm from you could trade your 4w for a 2010-2011.

Excellent points everyone! Thanks for the input. I'm asking for $2,000 on top of the trade

Ok well 2k extra doesn't sound like to bad of a deal then. Would just suck to have to sink half of that into a bike that the previous owner didn't take care of properly. Just ask those questions and if they are serious or know what they are talki g about they should have no problems answering them. Good luck on your deal and bike search and an early welcome the two wheeled world.

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