03 XR400R OIL Filter Screens

There are two oil filter screens in the xr4 i believe. One at the bottom of the frame and one somewhere in the bottom end. How often do yo you guys clean/replace them. The last guy that owned my bike ran 10w-30 HRC oil in it. my bike has done 4719km since new and i don't know if it has been done before. Thanks

PS Looking for a good sticker kit for my 03 xr400r any sujestions cant find many on ebay.

I've checked mine once. Did it within the first year after I bought in new in '99. It catches a lot of sealant remnants used in assembly from the factory. The frame downtube screen catches a lot of that too. Get enough of it in there and it occludes flow. Poor maintenance practices keeping up with oil changes creates sludge down there too that can diminish flow too.

The bottom screen is the pickup point for the oil that gets distributed to the engine. Check them out for your own peace of mind.

Check once, and repeat again in 10 yrs.

How do you get to the screen right side crank case?

dunno thats a good question

take it all apart. I haven't looked at mine in 10 years.

Yes, right case cover comes off. The screen is at the bottom of the center case. You remove a bolt to take the screen out.

How do you get to the screen right side crank case?

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