Brake pads

What brand of front pads would offer more stopping power? Do pads make much difference, or does it require the shorter brake line?

I personally like the stock pads. I've heard some really like the shorter lines. I've got a buddy who replaced the master cylinder with a Honda with the shorter line and he felt it wasn't much better than stock.

If you want to get serious about GREAT front brakes go to an oversized rotor and a steel braided line. Do the whole shmeer. Bite the bullet you won't be disappointed. I've got Honda pads in my 426 right now and they work marginally better than the stockers but NOTHING like an oversized unit. I have no experience with the "Wave" rotor but here good things about it. An oversized rotor will leave you with a one finger brake, and I don't mean that figuratively. If you dare use more than one finger you'll eat dirt!

We've had very good results using the DP Pro-MX pads with the stock rotor. They last a long time and work great. It's probably the best set up you can use with a stock sized rotor. We run this set up (with stock brake hoses) on the motocross bikes and the desert bikes. Never had a reason to go with the shorter hose or big rotors.

DP makes the pads for Moose. If they are out of the DP pads, Moose pads are the same thing in a different package. Your local dealer can order them, or the DP, from Parts Unlimited.

Thanks, I'll try some of those pads before buying a new line.

I purchased a replacement braided line from Moose Racing, no rerouting needed, and some DP Pro MX pads. What can I say, I have "one finger" brakes now too, and at a very low cost of right at 80 bucks. The shorter lines make little to no difference, as long as you have a stiff braided line that does not flex, the end result responsive brakes!

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