2007 or 2008 KTM 450 exc?

I am trying to decided between the 07 and 08 model. I understand there was a major overhaul on the 08, but, I keep hearing about issues with it. If I want reliability, should I stick with the 07 model?

i had to chose also between them and i've bought a 08. the spare parts for the oil pump upgrade are about 120-150$, the dirt tricks cam chain is 89.99$ and the water pump with bigger impeller, gasket seal and all let's say 100$. in my oppinion it's worth the trouble.

07 drop dead no brainer.

That was last year for the tried and true rfs motor with screw valve adjusters. 08 had issues with several significant items, do a search on ktmtalk, plus shim valve adju$tments.

A group of 15 of us rode through Baja in February, 9 of the bikes were 2008 and 2009 xc4's some 400's, 450's and 530's. One of the 400's died the first day and we found out later a stator wire came unplugged. The other 8 bikes made the 1586 mile trip in 8 days with zero issues. My bike is pictured with the large black tank, brought it home with 9,009 miles on the clock (almost 400 hours) bike has never let me down. I am the original owner.


Rock the '08 - I blasted it down the beach at 99 mph.


3rd place in ironman endurance series. This pic is from a 12 hour race, 217 miles like this.


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An 08 isn't a bad bike, and plenty are running well as noted. However, there were issues with oil transfer between the crankcase and the transmission, and I think a cam, and an early piston ring issue. Do your homework, all bike have quirks, plan to address the pitfalls and you'll be set.

Out here the 07's tend to hold their value a bit better since the RFS/factory street legal combo was only available in 2007. They're becoming semi rare already and are bound to become more so as time goes on. If an 07 is available to you, I'd jump on that in a heartbeat.

Yes. And for many the no-shim valve adjustment is the clincher!

You might want to ask, what is to be gained by going with the 08...

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A more modern looking bike is about all the average rider will gain. 08 valves basically never move, I have shimmed one intake valve in 9,000 miles. Believe me, I thought there was no way all

those post rfs bikes would make it to Cabo especially mine :thumbsup: I replaced my top end at 4,000 miles due to excessive oil use. My buddy has the 07 and his was smoking like crazy at 5,000 miles so he replaced the top end as well. Both Exc's.

I own an 08ktm 450exc and it runs great has about 80 hours on it but only problem I have is the decompression valve on the cam broke and you can hear some clicking with the motors running

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