old topic--weak spark on my 95 xr600

need help. my 1995 xr600 has no spark. replaced stator recently,(rickystator), replaced cdi(hotshot), check ohms on coil(0.3 primary and 7700 ohms secondary), checked resistance on pulse generator(397 ohms), checked wiring harness for continuity, checked kill switches for shorts. found nothing.

replaced main switch.

Can the ac regulator cause spark to be weak?

any help would be great.

bike sits dead in my pole barn.

the ignition is independant of either the lights or charging circuit.

I am not sure if yours does, some bikes have a resistor in the spark plug boot.

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yeah put a rod in instead of the resistor igf you have an oe plug cap, make sure plug is new too...if starting is better than you might do yourself some good by getting a new coil and cap...

make sure that your ground at the coil on the frame is bare metal as is the one from the stator, both of these will cause bad or intermitant or even weak spark...

use a bronze or copper or steel rod and in the plug cap,...use dialectric grease between coil wire(lead) and cap as well as ALL connections in harness if you still cant get a better spark

check ricky stator ohms...I had one fail and got great customer service from mike at ricky stator...

oh regulator will affect nothing...but volts to lights

in fact disconnect it and test for volts at kickover wuth the red blacl lead and ground...Use a nice ANALOG meter...

at kickover you should be seing at least 50vac, thats kind of the minimum even though you can have less

my old ricky and oem stator would give me like 35vac to 45vac and no go...the new ricky gave me like 60vac or more if I kick long and hard...

the reason I say use and analog meter is its easier to see peak voltage instead of blipping numbers...its also good to test at the cdi plug for this same test...

good luck

I took your advice on removing the resistor in the spark plug.. scrounged around my barn and found some bare copper #6 ground wire that fit perfect. checked the spark and immediately noticed more spark. after about 30 kicks the bike backfired. I cranked the throttle wide open, half choked and it fired up. much thanks to all of you at thumpertalk.

I also always had a weak spark even after replacing the cdi box , coil checked wiring / grounds and after I removed this resistor and ended up with way better spark .I used a 22-18 gauge butt connector after stripping the insolation off , Thanks for the tip ..

where in the plug wire is the resistor located?

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