Moqui Canyon


Hi, I have done a search on this and nothing came up. Has anyone ever rode this canyon? its on Hwy 276 sort of across from the hole in the rock trail. I got to the sand switch backs and didn't go down since I was by myself and didn't know what it was all about. as you can see B2221 is graded and I stopped on top of the switch back . any info would be great. oh I'm on a DRZSM with 21 frt/18rear on it.

I found this video on utube, it looks cool to me.

I found this video on utube, it looks cool to me.

cool vid would of liked to see how the bike handled.. I liked the dog . Can't afford a bulldozer or grader because the switch backs dont look like that any more. want to go and ride it but don't want to get stuck at the bottom and walk it back while playing with the clutch and throttle.

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