Can I go two hours on my stock tank?

i been running the harescramble series on my 2009 250 sxf and i havent upgraded tanks yet. I have been pitting for a little gas around 1.5 hours, but im almost positive i could make it w/o stopping.

any one have experience with doing this? thanks

I have run 5, two hour hare scrambles and have never needed to fill up. I have a stock tank.

I burn a ltr of fuel for every hr of use, but i added Microlon to my oil to help give me a little more power and distance. I could run for almost 7 hrs before i run dry. But i run for 4-5 with no issues on my 2012.5 450 FE

My old 09 runs 1.5ltrs for every hr of running so i can run for about 5 hrs before i need to stop for fuel. I have the supermoto intake and JD jetting with akrapovic exhaust...

thanks guys! im going to go for it this weekend

I have done 2 hr races on a 450sx with a stock tank. Of course with the 450 you can ride it at least 1 gear high and lower the revs. If you go slow (like me?) you also save fuel.

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