yz 250 powervalve problems

Hi guys im new here and having a problem with my powervalve on my 06 yz 250. If i ride it like i stole the powervalve will stick open for a bit and not have any bottom end power...this happend after a replate and the shop had to replace the long rod in the pv after finding it was cracked. I have since taken the cylinder and powervalve governor back in for them to look at and they say they see no problems so i put it back together and its the same way...and im getting really discouraged because im a big yz250 fanatic and i hate to see my bike like this....and i wanted to see what you guys would reccomend i do or what you think is goin on...while at the same time introduce myself and say that i love reading all these forums and especially any that have to do with 2strokes

Does the PV move smoothly when turning it by hand. After the re-plate did you clean that area?

May help for reassembly. He start to talk about power valve at 10:47

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Thanx for the replies guys. And yes it moves freely and has been taken out, cleaned, and reassembled twice now by the shop i do most of the work on my bike myself but because they replaced the broken rod in the powervalve i took it back to them when i first put the bike back together and it was doin it. He inspected and said nothing was wrong with it but it seems to me that its actually opening too far to where the two pins on the end of the peice that opens the side ports are popping out of the grooves in the plastic peice.s

Not sure what will happen if someone tightens the PV arm's screw without using the pin to hold the arm in place. Does anyone know why the manual expressively says to use a pin?

The linkage arm can be bent if the pin is not used. I just used a small alen wrench until i got the pin from motosport

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