Solid 2 Stroke mechanic in the Seattle/Tacoma area?


I need a few top ends done on a few 2 stokes. Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the Seattle/Tacoma area? I have the piston kits, just need them installed and don't have tons of free time right now and want it done right.

Thanks in advance!

what are the conditions of the cylinders, they need redone, replated, etc?

Good question. I haven't pulled the cylinders off yet. I need to check compression this week. Bike are actually running really well, but both have at least 20 hours of track time in the past few months so I figured it was time to get the top ends done just to be safe as we will start to hit the track more soon.

Would rather be safe than sorry. Thoughts?


Time to learn how to do this yourself! Pretty easy really. It IS a 2T so valving and all that cra stuff is a non-issue. Buy a "service" manual, a case of cheap beer, call a friend/lawnmower mechanic/someone that can read and or follow directions (j/k) and have at it. I had to go as far as splitting cases on my son's CR was MUCH easier than I thought it would be.

I would also encourage you to do it yourself, If you dont want to, dont have the time, I can help.

We are getting ready to open a new ADV/Dirt bike shop in the Kent/Auburn area.

If your interested send me a PM.

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I agree.....I really need to just nut up and do it. I just Don't want to make a dumb mistake.

I agree.....I really need to just nut up and do it. I just Don't want to make a dumb mistake.

Look on youtube on how its done. Tons of videos there outline exactly how to do it.

Yes, I have watched a long as I drain the coolant, get the tank out of the way, have the right tools, and the cylinder is in good shape, then it shouldn't take more than an hour to hour and a half.......and stuff the bottom end with

Another question would be if the compression is still solid, should I still do the top ends or wait until I start to see a drop in performance or compression?

haha that is going to open a can of worms, you have the school of thought that you change the piston rings at x hours, or rings at x hours and piston every other ring change, then you have people that change the piston and rings when they see a 10% drop in compression, etc. 2 stroke top ends are cheap enough I always did them at like 45 hours on a 250 2 stroke, I did them at 60 hours on my KTM 200 XC-W, and like 30 on a 125.

call Bill Gregory at 360-621-6950

I'm not going to pass judgement on you for not doing the job yourself. Bill will measure everything and install it correctly for you and won't charge horrendous fees for service either.

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