testing stator?

Just bought a 2000 XR650R and it has the baja designs dual sport kit on it and there was a short in it so NOTHING worked. After we had a few guys looking at it testing every wire until we figured out the previous owner (assumedly) had a gps or something else hard wired in, then unwired it, saw the wires were both black (probably a home-brew to splice in 12v outlet) and then connected the two wires (hot and ground) and shorted the whole thing out. When we got that figured out, the battery took a little charge (charged it for not even 5 minutes) and then the lights, blinkers and everything worked perfectly, until the battery died. The stator isn't charging the battery or powering the rest of the stuff. Shouldn't the baja kit run directly off the stator once the bike is running? We were wondering if I could have fried the branch of the stator that the lights and accessories run off of, does that seem likely? Anyone know how to test that?

Stock stator?

If so there should be two yellow wires,that is the "power out" either one to ground should be open ohms. Ohms yellow to yellow should show something,but not sure how much without looking it up. Those will go into the BD reg\retifier. and out as black and red measure as DC while running should be 13 volts or so.Also measure (back probe) yellow \yellow on AC on your meter. If i recall the stock power circuit is not chassis grounded (ac regulated only too)so the black on BD reg needs to be grounded to chassis.

Now if it's a dual coil three or four wire output,,well.,, Call ricky stator..to many options for me to explain here

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