picked up a new to me 1995 rxc 400

Hey all just picked up a '95 rxc 400. Im new to the whole KTM thing and am trying to get this bad boy on the road. Just got a couple question for all you with way more knowledge than me(basically everybody).

1. I dont have a spark. When I kick it over the neutral light comes on and off so I am assuming the stator is good and its probably the ignition coil. Maybe? The battery is dead and I havent gotten around to charging it or replacing it.

2. I have the stock carb but am definitely going to replace it. I have heard a lot about the FCR 39 and the bst40. Do the other mikuni carbs work well? Such as a TM38? Dont really wanna drop the big bucks for just a couple miles around town.

I guess those are the main things right now. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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