Whats the most powerful map for a 2012 wr 450f.

I have a 2012 wr 450f. it has a power tuner, ecu and a fmf q4 exhaust. whats the best most powerful map i can plug in? also is there any other good mods to maximize power for cheap money or do it your self type deal? i am looking to get the most power out of it and have it start up nicely too. would dyno tuning the bike be worth it? would the dyno help the bike as far as starting better and running better? please someone give me a solid answer. thank you

i got the tuner, ecu, and the exhaust. the bike starts like shit and feels like a 250f! should i dyno it? whats the most aggressive map for the tuner? and how can i make the bike start. is there any more mods i can do without building the motor to get good power.

No not really,if your really picky about a/f ratios then yeah,dyno it or just use powertuner from yamaha and use the sx/mx map.any different map apart from standard usually starts easier than the factory setting that i have found so far,when I bought mine it was a POS to start hot or cold straight off the showroom floor!when I set mine up on the Aussie map,did my pipe and other mods it fires up no probs!

Remove the vents (ducts) from the air box,pull the seat off and you'll see them,remove the throttle stop screw and use the shorter one they give you in your off road kit.

I have the maps installed on my powertuner so its set and ride,14/51 or 52 gearing I assume is on yours?

I have maps if you need them,I found mine online and they work very well.

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Read the other post you posted,I've answered it :)

Go the the WR450F forum.

You need the complete GYTR kit if you want to get the full 48hp lurking inside the motor.

With just the ecu and pipe, you will get about 40 hp.

You MUST re-tune the new ecu to match the pipe and airbox mods per the recommended instructions.

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Thank you very much for the feedback! yes i am very picky im prolly gonna have it dyno tuned. if you could post your favorite maps that would be greatly appreciated. mine was a pos off the showroom floor too my dealer is wack too because they told me i didnt need the tuner. they should give you the power tuner and ecu for free when you buy it. i have been reading a bunch of forums here about the bike and everyones had the same problem. either way thanks for the feed back.


Dunno if this link will work but that's where I found it for mine.there will be 5 maps there

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