Stupid Question 02' CR250 With 07' Graphics?

Can i put 2007 Graphics on my 2002 Cr250? Also are the plastics the same? Thanks.

Plastics are the same.

02-07 cr125/250 share the same plastics, graphics, seats, seat covers etc

front fender and front number plate are not the same

front fender and front number plate are not the same

Yup.. The front fender will bolt up & looks better than the 02-03 fenders. The front number plate won't unless you fabricate some brackets or use the newer cr/crf clamps.

I think the '02-03 top-clamp can be drilled and tapped to accept the '04+ front plate mount tab (bottom mounts are the same '02-07). Another option is buy the '04+ replacement plastics, and use a Cycra Stadium Plate. I understand these have options to mount to either top-clamp. I use the '04+ fender with the earlier number plate, which looks okay to me too.

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