Input on 83 Honda CR 480 front brake

I'd appreciate opinions on the front brake of this bike. Even with new cable and shoes, it doesn't work very well unless I tighten the adjustment so much the wheel drags.

The cable pull also feels weird. It feels like a disc with air in the line.

As far as I can tell, the two sides of the leading shoes are adjusted properly.


Sand the drum with 240 emery paper and lightly do the same with your new shoes. Assemble it and have someone lightly pull on the front brake while you turn the front wheel as hard as you can. if it is too easy to turn have the helper apply more pressure. do that for a couple of minutes and disassemble. you will see where the shoes are hitting. File off the high spots keeping the file moving in an arc that matches the shoes and only file at the rub marks on the shoes. you may find the second set of shoes not touching and needs the linkage adjusted up. Repeat the process over and over. after an evening of hard work you will have the shoes arced in and the brakes working better. from a home mechanics point of view, I don't know an easier way, but this has worked well for me.


Thanks, Dan.

Dan is right on target with that procedure. The best way is to start with new shoes, go through the adjustment procedure to make sure both shoes are actuating the same. Then set up the whole brake assembly in a lathe, and lightly cut the shoes to arc them. That is what the cz guys used to do to make the brakes work.

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