2004 locked up.

ok so today a bunch of buddies and i were getting ready to play some kickball on the bikes and i was just riding back and forth waiting i was riding to the other end of the field and the bike just died on me so i figured no big deal ill just kick it and it will start up again. well not the case couldn't hardly turn the motor over and then it locked up could kick it at all. i know that after ever so many hours the motors need rebuilt but its supposed to be after 40 hard hours and the motor was just rebuilt before i bought it and i had maybe 10-20 hours on it. also i had just changed the oil last night. both sides and this was the first ride on the new oil. so my question is what is the average cost of an engine rebuild? and do you think that it will need a total engine rebuild?

cant answer that till you get it apart. It could be 100 different things. pull it apart and see.

ok ill have a friend who knows what hes doing look at it.

also i pulled the spark plug out today and the engine turned over almost like the spark plug had the engine sealed and there was pressure built up, then i put the plug back in and kicked it several times finally it fired and then it locked up again.

also does this spark plug look normal?



tear it apart and find the problem. and DONT kick it over anymore. just going to do more damage.

and from what i see, yes the plug looks normal.

This most likely is not the answer but, I had an 85 suddenly seize up. When I was taking off the fly wheel it popped and the engine turned over just fine. I pit the motor together and ran great. Weird. So riding it again did the same thing. I tore it apart didn't see anything in the top end bearings were fine. Pulled the clutch basket out and a plate that holds a bearing in for the tranny gears was off and the screw th at held it in went through a oil port and was jamming the gears up. Very random but you have to look everywhere until you find the problem.

ok i will have a good trusted friend look at it for me. and i was asking about the plug because the point looked really warn down and looked way to small. but it could just be the type of plug just never seen one like that

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