My new vintage bike

86 it 200, got lucky and found a original bike with 1/2 tread tires,only problem it set outside,with some love and some new plastic parts and covers and more this is the end result,ready for my first vintage race next month.




Beautiful bike man!

Looks like you found a nice one there!... I love these it 200s; so light and flickable through the tightest of trails. Only one problem, the 86' had a disc set up on the front with the gold DID wheels. Looks like someone either did a swap-a-roo on the front end or you have a 85 or older. Either way great find and cleaned up sweet!

Its a 86, had to covert to drum for vintage racing. Drum brakes must have been early versions of anti skid brakes. Front wheels is from a 83 yz 490.

Ok very cool, I was a wondering if someone just put gold hoops on an older one or what. Makes perfect sense though. The gold wheels definitely makes them look trick.

Had it at our last enduro and it got tons of attention.

I had IT400, Was a real stump puller. Heavy as @#$%! Was not much for the jumping up but the coming down was very cushy.

That is one sweet vintage IT. I wish I could find one of those. Been working on my '83 IT490K, but it is slow going finding the little bits and pieces.

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