kick start street legal

im making a street legal wr400f in ab canada and i was wondering what everyone has done to keep them from riding away when it is a kickstart im trying to wire a key in to it for safety and stuff i just dont want my bike going miss in the night or when im out riding and it is parked some where any info will help me out. thx everyone

disk locks

You get into a accident on the street with that bike, you will be screwed! Just a fair warning....even though it will be "street legal", that bike will come up as being sold as a "offroad vehicle only" when the VIN is run after an accident. Insurance will drop your claim and you will be left on the hook personally....

Ever wonder why dealers don't sell offroad bikes with street legal kits installed?

As for your bike not being stolen, a dead man switch could be installed and as stated above disc locks. But the trick for stealing a bike with disk locks other then a truck... put the wheels on skateboards and push it away....

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i check my vin for the ohv tag and its all good(as well i got a mechanic that can swap it over if there is a prob). as for disc locks i got one and i got a bike chain for the back tire as well im just trying to make it more safe thats all

Trust me, it won't be fine if you get into a accident!

not trying to argue here like i said i got a mechcanic that can pass it and get the vins for me this is a post on how i can keep my girl from walking away in the middle of the night and your guys idea for that. not if i can get her on the road

Don't be stupid, I have a friend who tried this. Guess how much he owes after the lawsuit? A little over 2mil and he's on his own.

once again go some were else if you are just gonna argue here. i will say it again i got a guy that will pass it for inspection and give the old girl a new life as a on road bike. i have ask these questions to my mechanic to my insurance to the dmv. i fully understand what you guys are saying about it being an off road bike and yes if you want and do it the easy way you can try and pull a fast one over people eyes and maybe get screwed like shawn1331 friend(and if it was for 2mil he's lucky to b alive. i wont got in to my store of that). so once again any ideas as how to keep my girl safe that i am not thinking of. thank you for your ideas

and as well on the other hand i do say thank you for trying to keep your brothers safe

I in california and have a converted plated 650R and Progressive insurance is totally aware that my bike was originally just a dirt bike and has absolute minimal/missing dot compliance. yet my bike is still covered with basic pl and pd. Ive been pulled over by cops, they only concerned that the bike is not stolen, thats all

Shut the gas off, put it in 5th gear and leave the choke on. that may slow them down a tiny bit. A disc loc is nice but 2 theives with a truck can pick it up and throw it in the bed in 10sec. A friends bike was stolen out the back of his truck and it was locked up with a cable.

If you have a battery, put on a alarm.

Wire some sort of switch into the power wire from the cdi to the coil. I have an XR250R on the street, and my insurance company knows what it is. Here in Ontario, before Sept 2007 it was legal to convert dirtbikes for road use. Bikes that had this done are still legal

so what everyone is saying iam doing everything right and there is no surefire way since a kickstart

On my old bike I wired a switch that would ground the kill switch wire and hid the switch in the air box. In WA state you don't even need insurance so don't let them scare you.. just don't be at fault if wreck happens..

ya im not worried about what they are saying i got it all cover there just mad i know how to make it legal and they dont thats all

well you sir have missed one thing to get it passed. i got it approved for the government the insurance the mechanic and for the rest of people on the road. i would have been happy to share my findings with you but u can take another 7 years trying to find it out(f.y.i. ive live in alberta all my life)

I hid a little switch under the seat of my bike so it would not be so easy to jump on and ride off. I can tell you that a keyed bike can be over ridden in a minute and a locked bike can be hauled off or the lock cut just as quick. Your looking at keeping honest people honest but a determined theif will get the bike.

Also, I would have an emailed conversation with my carrier about what the bike was and now is to verify coverage. That will help make the difference between coverage and not coverage. People build, title and modify vehicles all the time and obtain insurance just the same. Take time to do your homework, read the policy and ask questions in writing. Don't be surprised that any carrier will attempt to void your coverage when you have a 2 million claim. They are not in the business of paying out but they do so for for their reputation/sales/marketing.

I have an ignition switch on mine. Guy I bought it off of did it

A push pin type clutch lever pivot bolt will render it useless. Pull pin, rotate clutch lever out and remove. Along with a disc lock makes it tough

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