dirt to dule sport

so i have this 86 honda xr600r i tried selling to get a already legal ds, but no one wants to give me any thing near its worth. so i decided to keep it and go though the rigermarow to get it plated.

was wondering if any one had done this and if they had any sujestions? i already orderd the baja designs year specific light kit and a pair of kenda k270 tires front is a 3.25-21 and 5.10-17 rear. i have a endruo meter already on the bike and i talked to a local inspector he said it was ok as long as it had mph. i know i still need to get a dot legal front brake line. is there any thing else i should look at doing?

so i pulled her out today seens how it was nice to see if she still ran. she had been sittin for a year in the shop and started with relitive ease

she vibrates bad. after the short ride round the yard my hads were still tingling. is this normal and is there any way to reduce them? im guessing she needs carb work to. she likes to pop when revving freely and when i let off the throttle under load. you can kinda hear it in the vid but the mic dosent pick it up well. any ideas? i was talking to a guy at work who was telling me the duel carb modles were less desirable due to a vacuume problem when your on and off the throttle allot? im new and never herd of this. me mentiond when you were on it then off and on real quick the bike has a tendancy to fall on its face?

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Sounds like my XR 600, trying to find rebuild kits for the carbs right now.

Just a guess. There's a part in the left primary carb called the ACV - Air Cutoff-Valve. Its helps minimize popping on deceleration. The rubber diaphram can get a hole in it. If you do mess with the carbs be sure you check it for a pin hole using a small LED light behind it in the dark.

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thanks for the reply. ya afer i rode it i discoverd a friend of mine used to profesinally tune carbs with a dyno and he offerd his help.

so i pulled the carbs

and after i pulled the bowls off i discoverd some one else already been in the carb. the bowls were on the wrong carb lol


and my lights and tires finally got here

elwaupo if you find a kit let me know i still need to find one

I found mine at the local Honda dealer part #16010-MG3-771. I paid 71.00 for 2 little bags on gaskets but my mechanic said that's what he needed. Good luck

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