idel mixture screw oring

I am missing the oring out of the idle mixture screw cab seat. the idle mixture screw is red and numbered 1-4. It has washer and spring. Do i need the oring or can i just adjust the needle valve 1/2 way between rich and lean rpm drops. What size is the oring so i do not have to buy a complete carb kit and where can you get them in Canada or British Columbia? thank you for your experience and time.

Yes you need the Oring. You might try taking the needle down to the parts store and just check for an Oring that fits.

If you try and run without it you may lose the needle ,spring, washer as they will vibrate out.

You sure the o ring isn't wedged up in the carb body? I would think it will be a hard part to source,likely need to buy a fuel screw to get one

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