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Trail Tech X2 Modified for Hella Projector Low Beam (Part 2)

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Now on to mounting it on the S!

I would have made aluminum brackets that come off of the fork-clamp/headlight bracket bolts, Ive seen some online like this, but I didnt want to go to the trouble if I didnt need to...

I had retained my factory headlight brackets with my homebrew light...they were in just about the right height/distance from the forks to put the X2 exactly where I wanted it! Unfortunately, they were about 2" medial to the X2 brackets on either side.... So I dropped the forks and flipped the brackets, right to left and left to right so that the light support was not on the outside edge of the forks instead of the inside, it was the perfect width!


I had some 14mm bolts and fender washers in my tool box that I used to attach the X2 to the stock brackets.


I mounted the bottom of the X2 to the fender using the supplied pegs/drilling 5/16 holes as per the X2 original instructions. Here is the end product with lots of room behind the light for module, ballast, and whatever other goodies you can imagine.




Light output is as good as ever, though I must say the X2 Low beam bulb, which I am not using as my High Beam, is woefully dim compared to the 55W HID I had in my Hella module Homebrew. It looks 100% better, however, and still serves the function of lighting up the sides of the road/overhanging branches. Also, it is superior to the HID because it lights up immediately and can be flashed at other drivers much more effectively than the HID could be, it had to warm up for a moment or two.


Its difficult to tell, but the 2nd of these is with both lights on at once, the camera adjusted for all the light, but there really is a big difference with the little light on as well.

Above where the module clips the light:


Below where the module clips the light...


Its not really blue, just the way the phone camera picked it up. I think they are 6000 bulbs, might be 6500.

Well, there it is, I'm extremely satisfied.

Halogen off-road X2: 92$ with free shipping (didnt purchase it through Trail-Tech)

Hella Projector module (made for halogen, but works perfect with HID bulb): About $60 on amazon right now

HID Kit from SlimHID.com: $33 plus I have a spare bulb and ballast for when these die on me.

Needed Hardware: $5-10

Time Spent: About 6 hours, but would have been a lot faster with instructions ;)

So for everything, less than $200, and the project was entertainment and very satisfying, so I dont bill myself for the time spent...

Thanks for reading, now go ride!

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Excellent light, looks like you did a very good job getting it all mounted on the bike too.

Do they make a DRZ sticker kit for that headlight?

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Looks good :thumbsup:

Now fit one of these in the 2" top light. BTW would it fit using the rubber straps? I like my X2 light snug to the forks so you can't see all the rats nest of wires.


Oh the bike in the background looks like my old bike...


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Ive considered putting something like a 2"LED or HID into the top light. I probably will eventually. I may just mount a couple of super bright aux lights and not worry about making the modifications though. The bike in the background is my wife's ninja250.

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Was the projector the 90mm one? Thats what came up on amazon for $63. How easy was it to attach that to the X2? Does the stock headlight switch on the DRZ still control the high and low even though its 2 separate bulbs now?

The build looks awesome!

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Yes the projector is the 90mm one, it fits perfectly in the X2, as for making it fit on the DRZ, read part 1 and part 2 and it is fully written up step by step with pictures and instructions. There is a DRZ sticker for the X2 but it is yellow and doesnt go with my blue/white 01 color scheme. I purchased a solid blue sticker to put on my white fairing, it doesnt completely cover the white so I may try that and see how it looks later this week.

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