TTR 125 Cold Start Problem....Help !

I have a 2006 TTR 125 L (w/ elec. start) that I am having a cold start problem with. If I go to elec start or kick it from dead cold it will not start under any circumstances....nothing. If I put a shot of starting fluid in the airbox, boom! it starts right up. After that everything is fine. In fact, it runs perfect. I think its safe to say my problem is confined to the choke. In addition, once it is running, if I pull out the choke the idle does not drop. Like its not even there or connected.

First, let me start with the fact that I am reasonably handy with bikes, fixing things, etc. This carb was the most plugged thing I have ever seen when I got it. The fuel inlet passage approx. 3/16" dia passage was plugged! It was plugged with this hard, blue-ish colored material that was half way to rock-hard. I had the thing sitting in carb boil out for like 2 days.

At any rate, I have read all of the posts on this and it seems like these bike are well known for hard starting to begin with. I have taken the carb apart 5 or more times already. I looked at the choke seat (there is a port that you can see it from the side) and the air passage that goes down to the bowl. I pushed comp air thru that passage and it seems what can be wrong with the choke!?

Any ideas? Desperate

Also, it seems like 95% of the replacement carbs out there are different. This carb has a choke cable (vs the button on the side of the carb)......Essentially it seems like you need a whole complete matching throttle and cable assy to get it all right. If anyone knows of a COMPLETE carb & throttle solution that does not cost over $200 maybe point me there......

Did you try a bigger pilot jet? If not, do that and make sure you got all the containment out... maybe someone had mixed gas in that thing? About the electric start, you may have already checked your voltage? Seems like the batteries can only start a warm bike after only a few months use.

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